Feb 212011

Table of Contents for February 2011

Editor’s Desk: February!

Meet February’s Contributors

News & Notes
Invited Essay: The Mysteries of the N-word, by Janet M. Fuller

The Latest Word
Action & Activism: India loses one language, gains another
Science Report: Language influences world view after all
Tech Report: Database of sentences helps multilingual translation
Tech Report: Google unveils Speak to Tweet
Tech Report: Conversation Mode for Google Translate
Tech Report: Restaurants use text messaging for customer support

Language & Technology: Word on the Street: Blogging on African American English, by Renee Blake & Cara Shousterman

Stories from the Field: The Path to Pij Dëh – Part Two, by Patience Epps

Linguistics 101
Understanding Linguistic Theory: The diversity of English in America, by Simanique Moody
Cocktail Party Linguistics: Last Words: I can haz some new words for snow?, by DS Bigham

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