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Popular Linguistics is a monthly online magazine with articles on linguistics- and language-based theory, news, application, findings, and field reports.  Popular Linguistics is committed to diversity in its scope of reporting, covering both the scientific and applied sides of linguistics, while maintaining a neutral stance towards debates occurring within the field.

Popular Linguistics is aimed at a general, educated, scientifically-inclined audience — the same people who read Scientific American, Psychology Today, and Discover Magazine, for example.  This kind of scientific reporting on language and linguistics is currently unavailable in a popular, non-specialist, form.  The desire for this kind of reporting is widespread, however, as can be seen in frequent reports about findings in linguistics in magazines like Scientific American, Discover, and Science, not to mention the enormous following of Language Log.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact our Editor in Chief, DS Bigham, at: admin@popularlinguisticsonline.org


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