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Table of Contents for January 2011

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Meet January’s Contributors

News & Notes
Invited Essay: Why do I do what I do, by Lauren Hall-Lew

The Latest Word
Action & Activism: Another language dies
Action & Activism: The British Library showcases “Evolving English” exhibit
Science Report: Our Brains Are Wired So We Can Better Hear Ourselves Speak
Science Report: “App” voted Word of the Year 2010
Tech Report: Google debuts “Culturomics” research project for Google Books
Tech Report: Apple is bringing the Cherokee language to iPods

Language & Policy: Bilingual Education – What It Is and Why and How It Words or Doesn’t, by Janet M. Fuller

Stories from the Field: The Path to Pij Dëh – Part One, by Patience Epps

Linguistics 101
Understanding Linguistic Theory: Morphology, by Corrine McCarthy
Cocktail Party Linguistics: How many languages does a linguist know?, by DS Bigham

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