The word app — as in “I just downloaded this wicked cool lightsaber app for my phone!” — was voted 2010′s Word of the Year at the American Dialect Society’s annual meeting in Pittsburgh on 7 January 2011.  App beat out Wikileaks (the non-profit journalism website), trend (as a verb meaning “to exhibit online buzz”), junk (used as both a catch-all pejorative and as a euphemism for genitals), and nom (Cookie Monster’s and the LOLCats’ word for “eating” or “food”).

Other category winners at the 2010 Word of the Year vote include:

Most Useful nom

Most Creative prehab (preemptive enrollment in a rehab center)

Most Unnecessaryrefudiate (Sarah Palin’s blend of refute and repudiate)

Most Outrageous gate rape (invasive airport security pat-downs)

Most Euphemistickinetic event (a Pentagon term for violent attacks on troops)

Most Likely to Succeedtrend

Least Likely to Succeedculturomics (see the explanation, here)

You can read the full press release from the American Dialect Society as a PDF, here.

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