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A Letter from the Editor — February!

DS BighamFebruary.  Dead of winter for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere; not a time for the thin-skinned, like me, where even Central Texas has felt too cold for comfort.  But winter is also a sign that spring is just around the corner, a time for new beginnings and fresh starts.  In that more positive spirit, welcome Gordon P. Hemsley as Popular Linguistics‘s new Assistant Editor!  Gordon’s been keeping me on my toes all month and thanks to his insistence, we’re pleased to introduce some new features on Popular Linguistics Magazine, including an improved RSS feed, a Facebook fan page, and an e-mail subscription feature!

February is also Black History Month here in the U.S. and in honor of its 35th Anniversary we’ve got  a trio of articles centered around African American English.  Start with this month’s Linguistics 101: Understanding Linguistic Theory, where Simanique Moody gives us a description of what, exactly, African American English is.  After that, head over to February’s Invited Essay column and welcome back contributor Janet Fuller as she tackles the sensitive topic of “the N-word”.  Then finish off with our featured Language & Technology story where Cara Shousterman & Renee Blake tell us how their students’ blogging on African American English promotes the cause of linguistic humanity.

And even though they aren’t specific to Black History Month, don’t forget to check out Part Two of Patience Epps’ narrative about her time with the Hup (and make sure to listen to the story as told in the original language!), the Latest Words briefs by our new contributors Gordon P. Hemsley and Lauren Collister, and my own take on the old “50 words for snow” myth in Cocktail Party Linguistics.

So grab a mug of your favorite hot beverage, wrap a blanket around your knees, and dig right in to February’s edition of Popular Linguistics Magazine!

DS Bigham, Editor

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