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Database of sentences helps multilingual translation
, in its most basic form, is a large database of sentences translated into multiple languages. Users can search the database for sentences that contain certain words or express a certain meaning, and get a translation into up to 83 languages. The translated sentences are created by volunteer users across the globe. On any given day, approximately 1000 new translations are created by the user base, with more expected as new volunteers join the project.

Tatoeba is unique as a translation service because it is not word-driven … Click here to continue reading…

Google unveils Speak to Tweet service during protests in Egypt
During the protests in Egypt, Google unveiled a new service to facilitate communication between Egyptians without access to the Internet. Users can call one of three phone numbers and leave messages, which will then be posted to the Twitter account with the hashtag #egypt… Click here to continue reading…

Google debuts Conversation Mode for Google Translate
If you have ever watched or read a work of science fiction, you have probably encountered the automatic translator, a computer system which can translate from one spoken language to another automatically.

We’re now closer to this futuristic technology than ever before. This month, Google updated its translation software for Android, which includes the first debut of “Conversation Mode”, a voice recognition translator that seems like something out of a science fiction novel… Click here to continue reading…

Restaurants use text messaging to ease customer service
Charlie’s Kitchen in Cambridge, MA has implemented text messaging as a way to communicate with your server. On a busy night, you can text “Table 6, check please”, and a server will come over and drop off your check. You can use this service to order another round of drinks, or even your entire meal… Click here to continue reading…

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